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Meet Sashi


Sashi McEntee and her husband, Dave, have made Mill Valley their home for 15 years, and they are raising their two daughters here. The McEntees also based their family business, Infinity Video Systems, in Mill Valley. Sashi’s professional background is in finance and business development. Sashi serves on the boards of several education and women’s nonprofits, in addition to volunteering with Kiddo and in the public schools. Locally, Sashi serves as Vice Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Commission and as Chair of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Steering Committee. Sashi is also a musician whose rock band has performed at the Sweetwater and other local music venues. 

On the Issues

Sashi in front of Mill Valley City Hall


Traffic is the issue of greatest concern to Mill Valley. We have made a great first step in assembling a City committee that includes representatives from the schools, our county supervisor, our state legislators, and a CalTrans representative. Reducing traffic congestion will require a combination of solutions, including changes to the lights at Kipling and Tennessee Valley, possibly adding a lane to enter 101 South, as well as possible additions to the 101 North entrance ramp. We also have to work together as a community to reduce the number of cars on East Blithedale, which is over capacity at peak traffic times. School buses could have a significant impact, particularly for those who must come all the way across town to get to Edna Maguire or Strawberry Point. We have a real opportunity to address the traffic problem by bringing the community together behind a combination of solutions to reduce and manage traffic congestion.

Aging Infrastructure

The Miller Avenue Streetscape Project is a long-overdue overhaul of our main commercial street. It will result in a new promenade, a sidewalk running all the way from Tam High to downtown, as well as the addition of a Class 2 bike lane. The end result will be safer and will make mid-Miller more of a destination. However, the construction process will need to be carefully managed to allow residents and Miller Avenue businesses to make plans for construction impacts. The City will need to be very hands-on to communicate the daily and weekly changes that have such an impact on our lives and businesses. In the short-term, the project will add to the traffic problem, but the end result will be worth it. Many of our other roads need significant work due to years of deferred maintenance. Over time, we can bring our roads up to standard and institute a maintenance program based on monitoring the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) so we don’t get ourselves into this situation again. Regular maintenance prevents huge rebuilding costs for the future.

Sashi with CERT

Emergency Preparedness

The devastation of the Valley and Butte Fires have brought greater attention to emergency preparedness. We’re in the fourth year of drought, and fuel moistures are low. If we do not keep on top of our vegetation management program, we will greatly increase our fire risk. We need to take the lessons learned from the 2005 flood so we can get prepared for the coming El Niño, which is now over 95% likely to occur. Proper preparation will mitigate the impacts to the creeks and sewers that cause flooding in the Sycamore Triangle. I’m proud of our Mill Valley Fire Department, which has earned an ISO Class 1 rating, and of our active community volunteers, like CERTs, Volunteer Firefighters, and Medical Reserve Corps. As Vice Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Commission, I have helped develop our strategic plan and work on greater community education and outreach. We can continue to lead the way in emergency preparedness improvement each year.


Here in Marin, we have proven that we can make daily choices that add up to a big difference to create a green and flourishing place. Look at what we accomplished together to hugely reduce water waste during the drought! I believe there are important community-wide choices we can make. I support investing in solar for our city buildings, banning risky and unhealthy pesticides, and protecting our streams and water supply, as I did when I fought against poorly planned desalination. I am honored to be endorsed by the Sierra Club. Join me in choosing to make our Mill Valley safe and sustainable.

Long-Term Financial Stability

In order to keep Mill Valley the wonderful place it is now, we need to be able to maintain our financial stability for the long-term. We need to meet our future obligations while maintaining critical services. We have made important strides by reducing our future retirement costs for new employees and by moving from partial to full prepayment of our liability for other post-employment benefits (OPEBs). It is an ongoing priority for me that we make fiscally responsible and sustainable choices in our management of capital improvement projects, contract negotiations, and preparations for tougher economic times.

What Others Say

“My husband and I have lived in Mill Valley for 30 years, and I have known Sashi for seven years and have watched her leadership in Mill Valley CERT and in her neighborhood. I want our City Council to be vigilant in preserving our small town character and utilizing our tax dollars wisely. That’s why I strongly support Sashi for City Council.” NAN PAGET, LONG-TIME MILL VALLEY RESIDENT AND COMMUNITY VOLUNTEER

“Sashi is just what the doctor ordered for our City Council. Her strong financial and management background will ensure that our citizens will receive the best possible value and services from our City. Sashi is a kind person, a great listener and an incredible strategic thinker. I hope you’ll please join me in voting for Sashi.” CLIFFORD WALDECK, FORMER MILL VALLEY MAYOR

“She’s smart, capable, and passionate about the things that matter to her — Mill Valley being one of them. I would trust in her commitment to support the best interests of the whole Mill Valley community.” RITA ABRAMS, EMMY-WINNING SONGWRITER AND COMPOSER OF THE “MILL VALLEY” SONG

“I know from firsthand experience that Sashi will be an exceptional City Councilmember. Sashi is an energetic, engaging and thoughtful Commissioner. No one works harder or is more passionate than Sashi on our Commission. I wholeheartedly support Sashi for City Council.” JOHN POULSON, CHAIR, MILL VALLEY EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS COMMISSION

Sashi and her band

Support Sashi


Campaign Volunteer Mobilization

Local campaigns are all about reaching out to friends and neighbors, and this is no exception. In order to elect Sashi to the Mill Valley City Council, our campaign would love your help canvassing and phonebanking. If you would like to arrange a neighborhood Meet & Greet with Sashi in your home for Sashi to meet your neighbors before the election, let us know!

Yard Signs Have Arrived!

Our signature campaign yard signs have arrived. If you would like for one to be delivered to your home, please refer to the contact information below.

Volunteer Contact

You can reach Max via email at max.perrey at gmail.com or call (415) 897-5361 to RSVP or request more information.

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