Endorsements (Partial List)

Endorse Sashi!

Titles below are for identification purposes and do not imply organizational endorsement.

Former Mill Valley Mayors

  • Former Mayor Andrew Berman
  • Former Mayor Bob Burton
  • Former Mayor Betsey Cutler
  • Former Mayor Dennis Fisco
  • Former Mayor Jessica Jackson
  • Former Mayor Warren Levinson
  • Former Mayor Garry Lion
  • Former Mayor Shawn Marshall
  • Former Mayor Stephanie Moulton-Peters
  • Former Mayor David Raub
  • Former Mayor Ken Wachtel
  • Former Mayor Clifford Waldeck
  • Mayor Jim Wickham

School Board, PTA, & Kiddo

  • Leslie Wachtel (MVSD Board)
  • Emily Uhlhorn (MVSD Board)
  • Todd May (MVSD Board)
  • Mark & Anna Abramson (Kiddo)
  • Sarah Burton
  • Gaby Dominguez
  • Ryan Erving
  • Kristine Erving
  • Vanessa Justice
  • Joy Koo
  • Ines Lehman
  • Christie Michaels
  • Jennifer Moore
  • Ale Tellez Petterson

Mill Valley Business Community

  • Ann & Fabio Aversa (La Ginestra)
  • Gabriel Burczyk (Wrap Manager)
  • Natale Cardamone (Piazza D’Angelo)
  • Curt & Mark Fong (Critterland)
  • Jim Iavarone (Mill Valley Refuse)
  • Sachee Parikh (Carlson-Parikh Orthodontics)
  • Jim Revoir (Grilly’s)
  • Paula Reynolds (Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce)
  • Richard Rider (Redwood Security, former EPC chair)
  • Kendal Savelli-Malugani (Malugani Tire)
  • Gary Scheuenstuhl (Mill Valley Music)
  • Mike Son (Bank of Marin)
  • Mike Walsh
  • Jim Welte (Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce)

Mill Valley Community Leaders

  • Hans Adler
  • Debbie Alley (BPAC)
  • Ken Brooks
  • Jan Burch
  • Jerry Cahill
  • Ric Capretta (Former Planning Commission)
  • Urban Carmel (Chair, Planning Commission)
  • Matt & Elaine Cramer
  • John Cutler
  • Alex Cushner
  • Nona Dennis
  • Tom Dicker
  • Terese Driscoll
  • Michael Dyett
  • Nancy Elkus
  • Jeff & Diane Gordon
  • Wanda Hendrick
  • Cambria Hicks
  • Dr. Jane Hightower
  • Kathy King
  • Lee Kirkpatrick
  • Hugh Kuhn (Former EPC)
  • Jerry LaBay (Friends of Parks & Recreation)
  • Bill Lampl & Kathleen Clifford
  • Maggie Lang
  • David Mak (Former Parks & Recreation Commissioner)
  • Richard Marshall
  • Cindy McCauley
  • Craig & Elena McClain
  • Joan Murray (Clean MV, Friends of Parks & Recreation)
  • Tricia Ossa (EPC Chair)
  • Mark & Dorian Polite
  • John Poulson (Former EPC Chair)
  • Teresa Rea (Former Arts Commission)
  • Heidi Richardson
  • Rich Robbins (Friends of Parks & Recreation)
  • David & Dianne Simpson
  • Robin Smith
  • Joan Steidinger (Library Foundation)
  • Jim Stephenson (Red Cross)
  • Bob & Wendy Swenson
  • Jay Tamang
  • Gary Van Acker (Friends of Parks & Recreation)
  • Tiana Wimmer (Former EPC Commissioner)
  • Carter & Karen Zinn (Former BPAC)

Marin Elected Officials

  • Lew Kious, President, Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (SASM)
  • Assembly Member Marc Levine
  • District 1 Supervisor Damon Connolly
  • District 2 Supervisor Katie Rice
  • District 4 Supervisor Dennis Rodoni
  • District 5 Supervisor Judy Arnold
  • San Rafael Councilmember & Mayor Candidate Kate Colin
  • Fairfax Councilmember & Former Mayor Barbara Coler
  • Corte Madera Councilmember & Former Mayor Sloan Bailey
  • Former Mayor of Corte Madera Carla Condon

My Policy on Endorsement Questionnaires & Transparency: Some organizations ask candidates to complete endorsement questionnaires, in which they ask for the candidate’s policy positions on issues they care about. These questionnaires are not transparent to the public and can represent a tacit promise of voting a certain way. It is my policy to only complete questionnaires if they will be published unedited on the organization’s website or on my own. I realize that I will lose out on some endorsements through this position, but I believe strongly in transparency with the public. I call on my fellow candidates to publish any endorsement questionnaires they have given to private organizations so that the public can have full visibility into their views or promises that may affect future votes.

Marin Women’s Political Action Caucus Questionnaire

Labor Endorsements: As a sitting City Councilmember, I participate in labor negotiations. The council is currently in negotiations with the police union and will be entering into negotiations with the fire union in the next few months. This seems like too much of a conflict, so I have informed both unions that I will not be seeking their endorsement during this election.

Letter To Mill Valley Professional Firefighters and Mill Valley Police Officers Association